Album is available online and in stores

The album "Kuduro Sound System DJ Mix by Frédéric Galliano" has been out for two weeks now and it's available online and in stores !

Check the link below to access your favorite music store: Amazon.fr, Alapage.com, Fnac.com, iTunes Music Store, VirginMega.fr & FnacMusic.com.

The fans can also purchase super cool T-Shirts, made after the poll on Facebook. Check Bewol's website and order yours!
We ask our fans to send us pictures of them wearing their T-Shirt and doing crazy Kuduro moves!!! The best pictures will be posted.

More contests, parties and news on Kuduro Sound System's official Facebook page!


Videos AGORA !

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OFFICIAL VIDEO "Danse avec moi, Kuduro !" (Dama S. & Kuduro Sound System)

Lots have happened since the last post on this blog.
The party scheduled for July 8th has been pushed forward to September, becauseKuduro Soud System will be offering a real live performance to their fans, instead of the DJ set by Frédéric Galliano ! Date and line up to be confirmed, we're working on it...

In the meantime, Frédéric Galliano was in Lisbon, and played in front of 1000 people at the incredibly electric Delta Tejo Festival last week-end. GREAT party, huge applause and very good vibes on stage and on the floor.

Here is Frédéric Galliano own's experience from his point of view... Enjoy!

Two fans in the audience recorded their own video and shared it on Youtube too :

Check our Youtube channel for more videos and updates !


Great expectations around "Kuduro Sound System DJ Mix by Frédéric Galliano" release

Hey fans of Kuduro Sound System,
Big things are coming soon... The video is almost ready. It took us a little more time than we expected, but you're gonna love it. Check the blog, our facebook page, our youtube channel, our myspace, you won't miss it!
In the meantime, the album is already being promoted on Trace TV.
Check the video here:

We have almost 2000 fans as of right now... So if you're not a member of our community, join us! There are already 3 music clips of the forthcoming album that you can listen to, and much more to come, exclusively on facebook!


Album release event: ELECTRO AFRO KUDURO PARTY!

The "Kuduro Sound System DJ Mix by Frédéric Galliano" release party will take place at famous Parisian venue Le Batofar on July, 8th!

Electro / Kuduro
12€ en prévente - 15 € sur place

Dj’ set:

Fréderic Galliano : http://www.myspace.com/fredericgalliano
Lors d’un séjour en Angola en 2005, Frédéric Galliano découvre et travaille sur une musique alors obscure : le Kuduro, un style musical 100% electronique né dans les ghettos en 1996 dans l’esprit de Tony Amado,mélange de programmation de percussions angolaises traditionnelles et de house accélérée.

Afin de pouvoir exporter le Kuduro en Europe dans des scènes différentes que les communautés angolaise ou cap-verdienne, Frédéric Galliano décide alors à Luanda même de produire et programmer le premier album de Kuduro arrangé par un européen. En octobre 2006, sort le fameux album “Frédéric Galliano presents Kuduro Sound System”. Il réalise avant tout le monde, la puissance et le potentiel de cette nouvelle musique qu’il qualifie lui-même de novatrice et 100% Africaine et electronique.

Cet album fait date comme étant le premier album de Kuduro sorti en Europe. En 2006 avec Dog Murras, Gata Agressiva et Zoca Zoca, il devient même le premier producteur à faire des concerts live de Kuduro.

A travers le Kuduro, c’est le cri d’une jeunesse laissée pour compte qui s’exprime. Une musique urbaine, politique et créative.

En 2009, Galliano récidive avec un second album “Kuduro Sound System, Dj mix by Frédéric Galliano” qui sortira chez EMI le 6 juillet 2009 avec ce qui deviendra peut etre le tube imparable de cet été : Dama S “Danse avec moi Kuduro”.

Son Dj mix ce soir là, fera parti des très rares apparitions de Galliano à Paris. Plus d’infos sur:www.facebook.com/kuduro.sound.system

Dj Puto X : www.myspace.com/djputox
Du haut de ses vingt ans, Dj Puto X a déjà été appellé à mixer dans toute l’Europe. Fin 2008, il fait partie des artistes présents sur la première compile de Kuduro sorti chez EMI.

Details here (facebook users only)
Batofar details here.

(Album release date: July, 6th)


Pictures of Kuduro Sound System at work in Luanda

DJ Frédéric Galliano was in Luanda, Angola, a few weeks ago and spent some time there working with his friends & musicians from the local Kuduro scene on the upcoming album "Kuduro Sound System DJ Mix by Frédéric Galliano" (to be released on July, 6th). Check the pictures!

Dama S. in the studio

Dama S. & DJ Serafim

DJ Frédéric Galliano & Kuduro legend Tony Amado

DJ Frédéric Galliano in the studio

DJ Frédéric Galliano & Luanda kuduristas


The T-Shirt contest is over !

The contest is finally over!
Lots of people have voted and the choix was sometimes hard!

Check the image above to see the 3 designs that our fans on Facebook have picked.

The T-Shirts are going to be manufactured by our partner Bewol, and will be available in July.


Kuduro Sound System T-SHIRT logo contest

Enter the KUDURO SOUND SYSTEM logos contest!
Win 5 exclusive T-Shirts!

----> WHAT'S THIS? <----

To promote the release of "Danse avec moi, Kuduro!", the new single, and the album "KUDURO SOUND SYSTEM DJ MIX by Frédéric Galliano", we are giving away exclusive t-shirts, made by BEWOL. Check http://www.bewol.com/

----> HOW DO I PLAY? <----

To enter the contest, you have to pick 3 logos, and 3 logos only, among the 10 designs in the "Concours KSS : 5 T-Shirts à gagner !" photo album.

----> HOW DO I VOTE ? <----

Just click on "Like" or leave a comment under each of your 3 favorite logos.

Important: votes and comments on the photo album frontpage will NOT be considered as contest entries.

----> WHAT ELSE? <----

The contest will carry on throughout the whole summer, when the single comes out, when the video comes out, when the album comes out... And you'll be allowed to vote as long as new logos are posted.

We'll be offering new prizes each time!

----> THE LOGOS<----

Check below the 10 exclusive logos designed by LALA !

Logo n°2

Logo n°3
Logo n°4

Logo n°5

Logo n°6

Logo n°7

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