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CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OFFICIAL VIDEO "Danse avec moi, Kuduro !" (Dama S. & Kuduro Sound System)

Lots have happened since the last post on this blog.
The party scheduled for July 8th has been pushed forward to September, becauseKuduro Soud System will be offering a real live performance to their fans, instead of the DJ set by Frédéric Galliano ! Date and line up to be confirmed, we're working on it...

In the meantime, Frédéric Galliano was in Lisbon, and played in front of 1000 people at the incredibly electric Delta Tejo Festival last week-end. GREAT party, huge applause and very good vibes on stage and on the floor.

Here is Frédéric Galliano own's experience from his point of view... Enjoy!

Two fans in the audience recorded their own video and shared it on Youtube too :

Check our Youtube channel for more videos and updates !

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